About Club

About Us

We are:

El-Rihab Sports Club - located inside El-Rihab compound – a project by The Arab Company for Projects & Construction Development (Talaat Mostafa Group)


El-Rihab Sports Club is established on around 56 acres of land located in the center of El-Rihab compound.

Our Flag:

Our flag is white in color with a ball in the middle divided into quarters. Below the ball is the logo of El-Rihab city and above it the name of the club in English. The ball is a combination of the balls used to play soccer, tennis, bowling and basketball.

The Administration:

·The board of directors of the sports club is the same board managing the firm (the holding firm of El-Rihab compound and El-Rihab sports club).

·The administration of the sports club is formed of the managing director, his assistants, department heads as well as any other hired employees either permanents, temps or seasonal regardless of their position, specialty and responsibilities assigned by their jobs.

·The administration performs according to the internal regulations of the sports club as well as any decisions taken or recommendations made by the board of directors.

Mission & Vision:

The club aims at spreading athletic, social and cultural education among members, as well as the spirit of loyalty, and making use of all ways available to make use of spare time. We aim at providing both athletic and physical tools and providing facilities to various sports teams through preparing fields, maintaining them, hiring coaches, and making equipment available.

The board of directors of the club must work on achieving such mission, including:

·         Supporting sports and affiliation spirit among members.

·         Organizing activities of educational, national, sports and social development.

·         Building and maintaining several sports fields and making available of any necessary means for practicing sports according to the most updated scientific standards.

·         Hiring coaches as well as any necessary workers required for field maintenance.

·         Organizing sports competitions and social events to boost acquaintance and friendship between members.

·         Promoting reading and knowledge throughout providing the library with Arabic and English scientific encyclopedias, culture, social and fiction books as well as organizing scientific symposiums, musical events, featuring purposeful and cultural films and recreational and educational activities.

·         Issuing a magazine for members to include the mission and vision of the club, promote for athletic activities and give opportunities to members to participate with their writings.

 Working Hours:

Summer Working Hours

Every day from 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Winter Working Hours

Every day from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Working Hours for Finance, IT and Membership offices:

10:00 am – 03:00 pm

Off on Tuesdays


Membeships Renewal Cost

 Rehab Sporting Club Member's affair

Joining steps in the club

   Membership cash fees : 150.000 L.E

The demanded files

         1. Title deed of the unit.

         2. Marriage contraction.

         3. Birth certificate of children.

         4. The I. D. of both husbands.

         5. One personal photo of each number.

         6. The club application .

         7. Voucher of the only for the new application club initiation free.

         8. The payment receipt.

  • Important notes

 1. Taking into consideration the marital status during subscription.

  2. The demanded files have to be original to compare them only  then the copied ones will be kept in the customer folder.

 3. In subscription periods (data of earnest money payment) if the age of the sons exceeds 25 years or they are working or the girls Are married, they will not have the right of membership.

 4. One, who pays the subscription, is considered a member in the club since the date of earnest money payment not the date of issuing the cards. It is right to pay fees since the date of earnest money payment.

  • Other Notes

1. Annual subscription fees have to be paid from January till the end of March of the same year.

2. Any payment of the annual subscription after the certain periods will  include fine.

3. Renew the personal photos of the members due to the different ages  of members.

4. Present the last earnest money payment voucher when paying the monthly installment in the club.

5. Fees of issuing the club cards have to be paid since the reservation in the club till six months otherwise there will be fine.  

 Appointments to meet the members :

 1. Tuesday every week is a weekend.

 2. Receiving members daily from10.00 AM/ till 3.00 PM.


For more info. please call 01129675766


(You can call through these hours (10am:8pm-



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